Choosing a player name

We recommend that you assign a unique player name for yourself. Your player name will be shown in multiplayer mode. If the username already exists, you can't login to the multiplayer server.

Rate Settings

You can setup your individual rate / expo values in the menu or you can also adjust your settings while you are flying. The little quadcopter in the bottom right will react immediately to your changes.

Expo Settings

If the quadcopter is too aggressive, choose a higher expo value on the given axis.

Camera Settings

In this section, you can choose the camera angle. I'm using 20° and FOV of 80.

Motor Settings

Measurements Settings

If you have open a track, you can setup up you quadcopter dimensions. It's recommend to use an angle > 45°.

Gravity Settings

A good value is -100%+ (e.g. -108%). 

Drag Settings

This value defines the air resistance.